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Friday, 12 June 2015

VICCO Turmeric and Singing Ambitions!

I used to sing since childhood. People used to call me Lata Mangeshkar of my village. I was named Bhairavi after one of the ragas of the Indian classical music. My father wanted me to become a professional singer. I don’t remember what brought me closer of the music vividly but I have a memory of avoiding math tuitions, where the algebra equations used to go over my head, and coming to home and rehearse with my father. My mother was dead against of my avoiding the math tuitions but my father was very protective of me. He used to save me by saying that there is a certain element of science and Maths in the music also and this way I used to avoid the angry nostrils of my mother.

Though, I was not that great at studies but somehow I managed till the 12th and after that my whole day fascination was music and singing. By now, I had got a good hold over different ragas of the Indian classical music. Raga Todi, Raga Maalkauns, Raag Bhoop,and Raga Bhairavi were my favorites and I was very confident on these ragas.

Gradually, I had started to perform the stage shows of the wedding functions and other festival functions of the village and around it.

Once there came a music company in our village to scout for the singing talent. They heard me sing and told to come to the capital city of our state for the final round of the competition. Actually, they were searching for various singing talents to make a video mosaic of all the prominent ragas of Indian classical music.

I had never been to any singing competition and had always considered myself the best. But going to the capital of the city gave me a hint of how wonderful the singers are in the other parts my state. I was really flabbergasted at their performance and that instilled me with a little apprehension as well. I became skeptical of myself but my father encouraged me to a tee. And when it came my turn to sing, I was given a song to perform on Raga Bhairavi. After my recitation completed, a resounding sound of claps filled the auditorium where the auditions were on.  When the results were announced, my name was there in the list to go to Mumbai for the video shooting.

My father and I were really ecstatic.

After the announcements of the results, one of the  judges came up to us and told that it would be better if I could get rid of my pimples in next one month before the start of the shooting.
My father and I got really tensed. As we had never given heed to this part of my problem. We were only focused on improving upon my singing abilities. But the bigger stage had some other demands as well.

When my mother asked about our dejected faces, we told her the whole story. And instead of getting tensed, she smiled. She went to her room and brought a tube of VICCO Turmeric Cream. She informed that that day the people from VICCO Company had come to her Self Help Group (SHG) meeting and had given everyone a tube of the VICCO Turmeric Cream as sample to use. They had very confidently said that it would fight the pimple problems and problems of oily skin to a tee.
I used the VICCO Turmeric Cream and within fifteen days there was a huge improvement in my pimple conditions. At the end of the one month I was completely absolved of the pimples and ready for the music video shoot with a pair of smooth cheeks.

P.S: This is a Creative Story.

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