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Friday, 10 July 2015

The honey diet and honey dance!

My niece Vanshika was a bundle of joy for whole of the family. She was sharp at studies and used to love to dance. We had sent her to a dance class. And there too she had excelled. We had big dreams for her. Time was passing by and she was moving from one class to another with earning laurels for herself and pride for the family.

But one day there came a change in her life. She fell sick of typhoid and after  she got better, she started to show the signs of irritation and fatigue.

She left all her interest in studies and dance. She remained aloof. Her parents (who are my sister and brother-in-law) became really worried along with her grandparents. We took her to doctor who gave her vitamins and told that the fatigue was due to the weakness of typhoid. She regained some part of her bubbly character that she was before the fever but still she was far away from her original self.
She was going to the school and going to dance classes but she was not there hundred percent. One day her friend came to our home and informed us that there was a dancing competition of in their school but Vanshika had opted out of that. Her friend was keen that my niece took part in that competition.

When Vanshika came home, we tried to cajole her to take part in the competition. Then she explained to us that it was not that she didn’t want to take part in the contest but it was just that she didn’t feel as energetic as she used to feel before the bout of typhoid.

We got really worried. Sometimes we were cursing the evil typhoid and sometimes to our fate. My mother and grandmother of Vanshika used to do all the voodoos (her favorite was nimboo mirchi ) to take the evil spirit out of the fate of vanshika. Whole family was worried for Vanshika.

We wenk again to the doctor and this time he changed the vitamin medicines and advised her to drink a lot of water. But despite all these things we didn’t observe any positive changes in her situation.
I was sitting in the library but was in a brooding, pensive mood. After I came out of the library my girlfriend stopped me and asked me the reason of my bad mood. I told her about the situation with my niece. After listening out to me she told that why we didn’t try a Honey Diet for her. She informed that homey is very good for energy and agility for children. She told that DaburHoney could be best bet for my niece.

I informed about Honey Diet to her mother and my sister. She put her on the Honey Diet and surprisingly Vanshika improved a lot in the next week. Now, she got ready to take part in the competition as well.  
When the results of competition came she had stood second but we were all happy that we had got our own Vanshika  back. I knew that it was the HoneyDiet that had brought the radical change in health of Vanshika . I felt real gratitude for the Honey Diet and my girlfriend who suggested this for our real honey to dance as smooth as honey.

P.S: This is a creative account!

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