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Monday, 4 September 2017

At times I wonder ...

At times I wonder
The Race and the Blood
Once known as warriors
Of truth and sword
For those who Conquered
Only to surrender
Why it is silenced
When poisoned and plundered...
Sons of soil are you lesser men ??
Begging FDI is for nation's gain
Being human but democratic men
You elect your king, shower them fame
Surname Dalit is why they claim to fame...
Family is for ever, Throne forever
The leader breeds divides
Social engineering the slogan reads
Divide them more as they are your own
New Chanakya preacher sermons
Let nation sway to capitalist clowns....
Man is born and lost in the race
Free market has visible hands
" Live more than equal "
Mantra to survive and lead
Freedom to enjoy or destroy
Innovates the manly pride
No more the same man
That Mother holds in Pride 
No more the same man                                                                              
He is born to stride

By: Prashant

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