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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Human, a Cleric and a Poor Constitution

 Two met in a debate
 Two sat for a debate
 To find out that God,
 To weed out from Gods
 To value out that God...

One keeps that in nature
 Sees that in nature
 Finds that from nature
 Of humans and from nature

 Other searches and preaches
 Code them in rituals,
slokas of Gita, Bible and Quran
Grabs that as his very own

 Travels far and wide
 Save more to add more
 For his human pride
and for Converts Human way of life

 As time passes by,
 Clerics keep racing
 Blessing those souls
To wear that Crown
Designed for, by his God
With kings by their sides
 To tax the non-followers

 Time moves, faith moves
 Free to elect your kings
 A Constitution is born
To Secure those faiths
, And for those not in the faiths
 Of natural justice,
 A law for a nation

Humans are of graded purity
 Clergies differ as islands of faiths
 Stiffer they remain to create
 One nation of diverse justice
 For the same passion
 For the same crime .....

 Cleric, Brahman by birth
 Anointed supreme as a judge
 To read wishes of their God
He recites from the past
 Future Gods reside there
 For Human and my Racial pride…

 Kings of your gods, Claiming they (clerics) sermon
Natural to be different in justice
 As they are breeds apart
Who Differ in their Gods .......


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