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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Confused Havenots

Culture, you drive growth
Growth a must for wellbeing
Cities' citizens are taken care of
Nature or forest, birds or wild
Don't wait for your turn
Born to lost not to reborn .........

Technique changes, time recasts
Factors of production value adjusts
Poor growth finds a challenge
Labors lost but machines last
Growth accounting takes rebound
Net-worth down , not worth found..

Culture to push to drive and vibe
Foreign capital plays it sharp
Seeks to bridge the gap and thrive
Capital is the growth nectar
Seeds culture many new avatar

Culture moves to capital
Human migrate to human capital
Now they create more such class
Already then different caste,
Adding more in different class ....

Have nots U are class-apart
King in voting election part
With you we rule election games
Symbols fight for symbol gains
For you leaders slogan growth
Companies harbor stories in growth
Spending you should never fear
Profit talks your success dear

Pockets went for buying goods
Synergy travel, liable assets
Selling more and cutting costs
Leverage both cores - non-cores
Poors Rank and no.s are growing
Leaders sail cross voting

Rich sort new planned engaging
As products compete slow in selling
Leaders promises are for taking
Five years is thy ruling
Policy changing but problems hanging
Have nots dairy unmoved, afraid
Pray a subsidized living and dying.


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