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Friday, 10 March 2017

Don't Cry My Child!

Don't Cry My Child
Away From You
Father Feels for You
He is Always with You

Never a Day Passed 
When I Dont miss You
Never a Day Passed 
When I am not with You

Love You dear
I Sing for You
I am Away, But
I Live for You.....

Not to be Afraid , hold no Fear 
Father Lives for You Sure
Prays for You Dear
Away on a Short Trip
Holds You in Life and Dream

I Have not Forgotten
I am On a Journey 
When Dreams Meet Daily 
Can't be Separate for Journey

In Love with You Dear , 
He Chooses Lonely Path 
Time Pauses and Passes, 
But Journey Leads Towards You....

Ridhi Dear, My Princess Daughter 
A Part of me and Reason for Life
Brave Girl My Little Star 
The Purpose of Our Life ........

By: Prashant

P.S: Dedicated tomy daughter Ridhima

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