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Friday, 10 March 2017

Quit it Boy!

Shading the Darkness
New World Dances
Tunnel You Make
Inhale To See Light Inside
Few Friends Took to Flight
A Manly Ride, Manly Sight...

Labelled as Charity of Brothers
Grassed it, Spirited Solace
Away From Human Fence
Timed their Souls to Graze
Housed There Homeless Sense

Smoking Spirit, Chewing Flakes
Struggled to Quit Drag More Sniffs
Friends Took To Turn
Left and Some Continue the Run
Invitees Join Marathon Fun !
Soul is Trounced , Body Bemoans
No One Hears, When Your
Lungs Run and Burn, Only for Fun.....

Master the Slave, Salvation in Sight
Hollow Space, Your Kingdoms Sound, 
Can Time it to Call it a Quit
That's what You Thought, But 
 Manly Habit Caved Man Inside
Tunnel You Build Has Grave Inside
Charity of Brothers Rest Inside.........

By: Prashant

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