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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Happy New Year-2015

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Happy Days are Here Again,
Happier Moments Phir Share Again,
Naye Shaal Aapko De Naye Hunar,
Sabko Lage That " Made for the Year".

Blessings Flow and Be Merry Again,
Cheers Pure Drink and Cheer Again,
We Are The Same Good Heart Again,
Search, Wish, Try Our Friends Again.

Naya Ho Josh and Naye Naye Promise
Old World Ko De, Again Better Promise,
Puraney Khat ko Do One Turn Please,
Old Promises Kyun Bane Old Again,
Ya Same Old Promises Phir New Again.

Ham Sab Insaan, If Keep Promise Again,
Let Us Keep Some, For Those Poor Again,
Promise Yourself, What to Serve Others,
Keep Hard Work to Serve Some Others.

World is Yours Boss, Make it Large,
Large at Heart Boss, Grow That Large,
Grow Big, Happy Boss, Reach Those Stars,
Don't Forget That You are Here To Serve,
Jay Bharat, Jay World to Serve.

By: Prashant

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