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Monday, 19 January 2015

Garnier Pure Active: A Name of Confidence for me!

I worked as the security guard at the big imposing mall. There I witnessed how happiness could be bundled into plastic bags, there I witnessed why it is said every now and then that India is a booming economy, and there I witnessed how a feeling of love could remain unrequited.

I know that you are confused by my last sentence. So, allow me to dispel your confusion.

Like any girl in her twenties, I also nursed a feeling for someone… he also worked at the same mall as a security guard.

 Was that feeling love? You might ask. Yes… love it was.

After examining my feelings for him that included: my heart racing at the mere mention of his name, my nights being replete of his dreams and my eyes always roaming around the mall to have a glimpse of him, I deduced that yes I am suffering from loveria syndrome.

But the catch was that the feeling was one sided. I have tried everything with the help of ultra –feminine mannerisms -that a damsel falls prey to when in love-to seduce him but he has remained indifferent to any of my mute overtures.

I notice that he is very convivial while behaving with the other female security staffs that we have at the mall but with me he is always cold. He never gave any attention to me.

One day I smiled to him but his face remained fixed.

“What is wrong with me?”  I always wondered.

After closing of the mall I was going on an autorickshaw and suddenly on the rear mirror I noticed that my cheeks were covered with clusters of pimples. Suddenly, it dawned upon me that my pimples could be a reason that keeps him away from me.

Whole night I was tossing and turning on the bed. And when I slept I saw a very beautiful dream.

In that dream I was walking in the mountains blanketed with snow and trees. Generally, when you climb a mountain you gasp but I was not feeling even a wee bit of lethargy. With every step taken I was feeling fresh and new. As I was moving up I was being caressed by the leaves of trees swaying in the frosty wind. The whole scenery was really enchanting. I was feeling as if I was in heaven. As I reached the top of the mountain I saw a lake. Its water was crystal clear. I could see the colourful fishes swimming in the lake. When I leaned further to touch the fishes, I was stunned to see my shadow on the water of the lake. My cheeks were completely absolved of all the pimples. They felt amazingly smooth. I was feeling overjoyed and as I was about to touch my cheeks my eyes got opened and my dream broke.

I ran frantically towards the mirror of my room to check my cheeks… and when I reached the mirror… I found to my utter dejection that my pimples were still intact on my both cheeks.

Disappointed, I went to the mall. Whole day I was wishing that dream of mine to turn into reality. Towards the closing time of the mall my friend came to the mall to buy her monthly dosage of cosmetics. She dragged me along with her in the cosmetics store. As I  was trawling through the products, I saw a reflection of my dreams in the tubes of Garnier Pure Active. It was strange but I felt compelled to pick that up.

I started using that tube and after a week I saw a drastic change in my pimples. They were disappearing and my cheek skin was starting to feel smooth.

I noticed a change in behaviour of my crush. But you know what? After using the Garnier Pure Active I gained a kind of confidence that helped me reflect about intricacies of life. I thought that is having pimples so repulsive in life that my crush didn’t give any heed to me? It is belittling to judge a human being only on the base of their physical appearances, I thought. Though it is always nice to have a smooth pairs of cheeks but it is far better to stay away from people who judge others based on their looks.

To have a smooth skin is my right and that I was provide by Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash but at the same time it is also my responsibility to safeguard my self –esteem. I decided not to stoop so low and trample my self-esteem in order to get my love… infatuation or whatever.

Geared up by the confidence provided to me by Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash I moved on in my life and one day I found  my real love who didn’t care about whether I had pimples or not. And more than removing my pimples, I admire Garnier Pure ActiveNeem Face Wash for imbuing me with aplomb.

Today I don’t have pimples but I have loads of confidence and for this I really that Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.
 P.S: This is a fictional account for a contest being organized by Garnier Pure Active Neem at

By : Prashant

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