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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Quikr NXT: the SMARTEST!

I work in the admission department of a very reputed school. So my phone keeps ringing more than any other employees of the school. I keep getting calls from parents on incessant basis when it is admission time. It was during this peak season that I had posted one ad on a website to sell my laptop.  One day, I got a call from a customer who was willing to give thirty thousand for my laptop. But I decided to wait for other customers to quote their prices.

But unfortunately, I didn’t get any better prices. So I decided to get back to the customer who had promised me thirty thousand. But to my utter shock I found out that I had not bothered to save that customers number and to find out the number from a vast list proved a gruelling task.

Ultimately, when I found out the number, the customer told that he had said thirteen thousand not the thirty thousand as the buying price of the laptop. Even if I tried to counter that he had said thirty not thirteen he didn’t agree with me.  I was really devastated. The confusion created due to the unreliable hearing systems had cost me very dear—I had failed to strike a deal.

Then I started to look out for a reliable source to sell things online. And I am glad to find out the Quikr NXT. I will sketch out the three reasons why I am glad using it.

The first reason:

By using its chat feature, the confusion created in quoting and accepting prices don’t exist. Now I can clearly write an amount for the interested buyer to see it clearly and they can also quote their prices clearly without getting into the trap of homophones. And the chat history feature of Quikr NXT  is a marvelous one indeed. Now I don’t have to perspire over finding out anyone who had called even a day ago. I can very easily trawl through the chat history and find out any one with whom I had a chat even a month ago.

The second reason:

Now I can easily share the picture of any of my products that I want to sell online using Quikr NXT. Earlier I had to go through a lot of perspiration to explain about the physical condition of the products that I wanted to sell. But now I only have to click some snaps of the items I am selling and I have to share. The prospective buyer can see the images and can get the real estimate about the condition of the product.

The third reason:

Now I can talk to any prospective customer using Quikr NXT without sharing my number on a public platform. Otherwise I used to get many anonymous calls that were meant to irritate and terrify.
All in all now my life is much easier with the use of QuikrNXT.

P.S: This fictional post is an entry to the Quikr NXT campaign at

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