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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Got Some Suggestion About Credit Ration...

Got Some Suggestion About Credit Ration
 How Subsidy Adding Price Confusion

 FII, FDI, Round Tripping Flowing for Reason
 Your Markets Grabbing are Pure Condition

 Your Banks Liquid, Solvent, Surplus Flowing
 Commercialization But External Borrowing

Cheaper Funding & Many Extra Condition
 Own-Banks Lack Skills For Project Valuation

Circular Flow Has Many Speed Breakers
Acad-Politico-Analysts and Policy Followers

Prime Sector Lending, Poors are Poorer
Banks Face Losses, Micro Finance Richer

Pro-Growth, Speed Growth Have One Voice
Few Industrialists in Limelight Always Rejoice

KingFisher Blown Out, Beer Get Stronger
Bankruptcy Company, Man Gets Richer

Net Worth, Mark to Market are New Rules
You are Same, Shame-Shame Chant by Fools

Food, Shelter, Vote and Work are Old Rights
All Getting Richer Will Be New Basic Rights

Make In India, Make For India
Source in India, Source For India

MSME Mutual Will Come in Offering
PM's India, Sure to Get This Backing

Bottom of the Pyramid is for Market
 Get Their Money and NREGA Target

Bottomless Bottom and NGO's Racket
Toast to Poor, Rich Always in Bracket

 Pichkaree Chinese, Valentine India
Eat MNCs Salt and god bless India

Vibrant India and Vie for India

Bharat is Lost ,Left only is India

By : Prashant

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