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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Macro ECo: A different way to look, SERIES Part I

Again the Time has Come To State that
Macro-Eco is a Game

Rules Continue to be  the Same
Situations no More the Same

A Raise in Rate of Interest
To Europe May be of Interest

To India not the Frame of Test
To Japan may be a Luck of Taste

A Change of Rate of Interest
Cheers to Market of Interest

Equity Preference Takes a Shift
Debt Becomes Value Different

Growth is More and Incomes Rise
At times Nice but no more Wise

Growth-rise is not Favorly Viewed
If Distribution Happens so-so Skewed
Jobless Phase Again Renewed

Present Low and Less Future Flow
Saving High But Moral Low

You don’t Spend, I don’t Invest
But, we don’t Expand, if we don’t Invest

You Invest Less, Now you Spend Less
The cycle of Less grow more or Less

Business Cycle Reverse Gear
Recession Fear one step Near

Ooh Inflation Profit Maker Make few Richer, others Poorer
Cost-push Harder, Demand-pull Softer

Inflation Maker, get Money Quicker,
Inflation is Diabetic Sure Silent Killer

Constant Salaried, You are Poorer
Living on Past Saving or from Selling Double Poor

Yen Falling, Japan Rejoicing
Overseas Profit not for Booking

Dollar is Growing , Petrol Falling???
OPEC Falling as Deficit Rising

Drilling Cost Lower, Company Rejoicing
Petrol Falling and Solar Confusing

Cause and Effect, Side is Changing
Shell Gas Conscious, Effect Nullifying

Sensex and Manufacturing Index Telling
One is Rising and One is Slowing

One gets Flowing and other Suffering
Money is half Circling, better-half Crying

Unemployed, Half Employed, to be Employed
We Have New Few Employed Stories
Half Job Search, Half Growth Stories

E-Tailers Retailers Fighting Same Phase
Service Growth Alone not Fulfilling the Case

By: Prashant

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